Larry Reeves was born in Boston, Massachusetts on April 16th of 1974.  His mother was Ethel Bernice Reeves and Father was Larry Johnson.  He grew up in the inner-city with his 3 sisters and younger brother.  Larry was challenged in many areas of his life at an early age.  The neighborhood was filled with crime and violence.  Larry learned how to stand up and fight back against the many forces that tried to destroy him.  Most importantly Larry’s mother taught him how to develop a relationship with God. 


During Larry’s adolescence he was retained in the second grade.  That had a profound affect on his attitude toward school.  When he was in the fifth grade he attained the honor roll for each semester of school.  That motivated Larry and he learned that the right teacher will help you get to the next level.  When he was finally promoted he was retained again in the seventh grade.  At that time Larry lost his interest in school.  So he dropped out of school.


At the age of 15 Larry was arrested for selling drugs and put in juvenile detention home.  At this home Larry learned that he did not like being in that position.  But God used all the trials in his life to make a change for the future.  While in the detention center Larry met a young man who was in the juvenile detention center with him. He was disabled and suffered from mental illness.  However, he was extremely intelligent on various issues topics and subjects. He inspired Larry to become educated and take school, studying and education seriously. 



When Larry was in the juvenile detention He got on his knees and prayed to God.  He said Lord if you ever get me out of here I will never come back.  Then Larry started his thirst for education reading many types of books.  He also started learning multiple subjects and seeking knowledge and understanding.  The more he read the more God increased his knowledge in many areas of his life.  Larry loves his relationship with God and will never forget God’s presence in his life.  God turned all the bad things into blessings because of his love, mercy, grace and purpose for his life.



At the age of 18 Larry realized how important it was to have GED or High School Diploma.  So he enrolled in the Roxbury Community College to attain his GED.  Larry received his GED on his first try.  From there Larry enrolled in correspondence courses of varying subjects. He was able to learn more on his own by reading and studying at home without pressure from the environment or the pressure from the teacher. He learned many subjects including Law, Business, Electronics, Taxes, Computers and many other subjects.


Larry realized that God’s protection love and mercy is better than the strongest man or the best fighting technique. Larry’s older sisters helped him along with some of his uncles. Larry’s relationship with his father has always been strained and hurtful to Larry.  Larry felt abandoned unloved and felt that he was more of a burden on his father than a blessing.  This emotional discourse has affected Larry for his entire life until his Aneurysm.


After Larry almost died he realized he needs to look at the world differently.  He learned that when you don’t have a father present and your loving mother has passed away.  God is always there.  He learned when your brothers and sisters don’t care or respect you God is always there.  These have been some of the toughest but, most beneficial challenges to Larry’s life.  Through growing and understanding Larry was able to take the trouble of his life and turn it into a testimony.  Larry was always a very intelligent young man but struggled in life.


However, God gave Larry a spiritual gift of discernment and a clear vision of how to accomplish things.  God’s love, mercy, and favor have been on Larry since he was in his mother’s womb.  Larry is dedicated to giving back to God his life force, to show appreciation and thanks for God’s amazing love.  After Larry almost died several times, he wanted to create a free website that would inspire motivate encourage and inspire God’s children. 


Through it all Larry’s struggles and tests by God have given him a strategy for encouraging words and now they are available for the world to see.  God is good no matter what you see or feel.  His love and mercy is amazing.  He is always on time. Larry and his father don’t speak. Nonetheless, Larry has learned the most important factor in life is love and respect and acknowledgement of the true God.  Everything after that is secondary.  I love God when people don’t care for me I love God and he loves me.  That is the best feeling a human can ever experience.


In 2018 Larry and his father reconciled and opened the doors of forgiveness, love and respect for each other.  Larry loves his father dearly and God has made the connection better than before.  Never give up on love.  God loves us all.  Thank you Jesus.

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