With God there is always a light to bring you back from the dark roads of life.




The best lessons of my life have also been the most painful experiences.


The Circle OF Cycle


Greedy and Selfish Men fight for position.

Women sell their dignity and souls for attention.

Families filled with hate, disrespect and dissension.

Evil women are not real they are fake.

While many men conspire, despise and hate.

They are surrounded by witches and snakes.

You can run, hide, and cry but you can't escape your fate.




In life sometimes the people we think are allies are not.  And the people we thought were enemies were not. Growth and discernment will distinguish the truth between the two.




There is a hidden blessing in all of life's lessons.





In life it's not always about the big things in the pretty packages.  We have to learn how to be appreciative for the small things that may seem insignificant to others, but may have a great significance to you.


Will Have


Your hands may determine what you will have in life.  However, your spirit will determine what you will accept in life.




Some people might not like you but, if you follow God he will make them respect you.




Sometimes you have to be broken down through isolation and humility before you can reach the point of appreciation and prosperity.


Pretty Face


Sometimes a pretty face hides a dark heart.


After Next


One test after the other, only the best who persevere will reach success. Many men filled with corruption while others are blessed. Some will fall victim to temptation while others will succumb to the stress.  Stay strong and stay blessed.




The foundation of you words will be the foundation of your life.


One Day


One day your life's future assignment will be greater than your current frustrations and circumstances. Remain encouraged, humble, honest and patient.


Prosperity and Calamity


The energy you put out will eventually accumulate and bring a return of prosperity or calamity.




Pain processed properly equals promise and promotion.  Pain processed incorrectly equals depression, hurt and suffering.




Sometimes you have to take the worst experiences of your life and turn them into the best opportunities for your life.





Lust Not Love


Some women don't want the man they only want access to what he has.  Some men don't want a woman they only want privilege to use her body.  Be careful.




When some people stand by you it's not for you, they stand for themselves




Revolution of your spirit comes before the changing of your circumstances or environment.


No Longer


No longer will I be hurt or burdened by the lack of love from man.  But, I will be rejuvenated by the love and compassion from the love of God.





It's time to start living in abundance instead of accepting and living without.



The Truth


Resilience over reality.


Be Wise


Be careful who you give your heart to because some people will treasure it, while others will trash it.  Some people might have a beautiful smile but they have a black heart.  Some guys words are convincing and warm, but there is no truth in what they say.



Tear Down


If a family is not willing to respect each other and work together as a team, then they will surely die as individuals, and the scavengers will eat their bones. Families are supposed to be a support foundation and not a place to be torn down.  During these tough economic times there is no time to waver. Stick together.



The Best


The wrong advice can destroy and disrupt your life and family.  Don't listen to fools.






Never assume you know everything.  Do your best and learn from the best.





Internal change from within is where it starts.  I have learned that being sad and depressed long-term is a choice.  I was down for a while.  However, God brought me through it all. I had to make changes and sacrifices.  The first step to overcoming depression is prayer. Secondly, change of diet and change your way of thinking about matters.  It takes time. You can do it. Be blessed. 


Bless You


God is willing to put new things in your hands.  However, you refuse to let go of the past which is holding up your blessings.  Let go of the past and embrace the future.




My gift cannot be diminished by your perception of me.  Your eyes cannot see what God has in store for me.  Your logic and my faith don't mix.  God is unconventional in how he deals with his children.  Stop focusing on others and focus on what God has given you.






Your words will liberate you from your circumstances.




Sometimes the greatest blessings come in the form of tragedy. I am not talking about death.  I am talking about the death of bad relationships. You will never realize how blessed you are until you peel away the inventory of negativity.




God's purpose and direction for me is greater than your perception of me.  Many have predicted that I would not make it.  Thirty years later and I am still standing by God's grace.  So haters it's not what you think. It's about what God knows about me.  That is why I am still alive.




A true leader is forged and not fabricated. 




Those that deny children of God deny God and rob themselves.




How can you say that you are free when your mind is enslaved?




Everyone will not support your talents and gifts.




Keep your energy and focus balanced.  The winds come to blow you to your destination, do not fight it, use your wings and fly. 




People try to use words and negative perception to destroy your balance.  Their negative perception is not reality.  It is only the reflection of themselves and they don't want to face it.


 Self Hate


When someone has a negative perception of you, it means they are not happy with themselves.  Don't worry about the judges.  Only God can judge.




The time we chase is the time we waste.  The time we give is how we live.  The difference between past, present and future is our position. We are in the doorway of our desires; the only thing that can stop you is doubt.




Don’t get mad at your haters.  They are your biggest promoters.


Shall Be Known


The strength of a man or woman cannot be determined by outer appearance.  However, by his or her resilience, persistence and commitment they shall be known.




Even if it looks like I am losing.  With God on my side I am winning.




Anxiety robs you of your peace.  Stress robs you of your joy.  Depression robs you of your life.  Learn to live and be happy.





The seeds you sow at the lowest point in your life, will be very important for your future.




Sometimes people closest to you can't appreciate who you are because they don't know themselves. So how can they know who you are?


Finding Importance


Sometimes you have to be in the dark so you can recognize and appreciate the light.  All experiences in life we can learn from.




Both men and woman need to learn how to communicate beyond physical and sexual attraction. 




Your attitude and approach will determine the outcome of the most important matters that affect your life.


Not So Pretty


A pretty face and nice body doesn't always equal a good heart.  Some people are both pretty and evil.


One Day


One day during the great battle there will be a last call of exodus.  There will be no time to go back or look back. Either you are going or staying.  The battle will be so great and so precise with timing.  Your possessions of the old must stay where they are.  No going in the closet, looking at shoes, or looking for jewelry. Those that are left behind will be destroyed without mercy.


For the battle ahead is so great it needs coordination to get you out. There is no time to hold up the line. Nothing in that closet will be worth your life or soul.  Follow orders and go.  Don't be like famous celebrities.  Remember what happened to Lot's wife. Even with God's greatness remember the timing and the precision of the Red sea.  The people of Moses had to follow orders to be saved.  They didn’t move when they wanted too.  They moved when they were told too. The only way for them to be saved was in that instance of time when they were instructed to move. 


If you want to be saved you must follow God's plan and not your own.  Your plan will have you lost within the walls of death and torment. The forces of evil are arming their soldiers with musical power.  Tones and frequencies to stun distract then destroy you.



All of these writings have been composed by Larry C. Reeves.  They are only to be used to encourage and inspire all people.  No commercial use without expressed written permission. The purpose of this material is for individuals or teachers instructing students or children of God. I am a Christian and I love God. 


He has given me great talents and gifts and I dedicate my life to being the best I can be. I thank God for sharing with me so I can share with you.  If any of the writings have helped you please leave a comment on the homepage at the bottom.  Thank you and may God Bless you and your family.


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